Sprinkle of Jesus App Reviews

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Ever since I went from the Apple product to Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus I am not receiving my Daily Springle of Jesus quotes notications they are awesome and help me alot.

I have the android Samsung GalaxyS8+ and.not receivingthe daily quotes. Is the app compatible to Androids?

Hi there. Every time I try to open the app it takes forever and doesn't load

Hi everytime I open the app it won’t load. I jut got the app

How do you start receiving notifications for the app?

Idk how to work the app. And I'm not getting my quotes or notifications plz plz help!!!

I'm not getting any notifications?!? Someone please help!!!

This app told me "stop claiming to be a virgin while exhibiting hoe tendencies" I was appalled, I thought this was a Godly application

It's not giving me daily notifications, please fix! (If someone knows how to fix this, plz let me know asap thx)

so far since i've been using the app. i really love it! the notifications i received are so , on point! its like the situation im going through the quote would relate and its very interesting . at first i was like isnt it kind of odd that they're so relatable at the exact moment... but then i thought , these may be real messages from our lord and savior

I haven't been able to enjoy the app at its full potential. For some reason, I don't receive any notifications.

Pls fix glitch

I do really enjoy this app, but I am not getting any the notifications. I dont even realize there is a notification until I see someone on Instagram posting it. Can you guys please fix this glitch. Thanks keep up the good work.

Not working

I wast receiving notifications everyday to begin with, what is the issue? And now the app doesnt even open, and when it does, it is just a white blank screen with "as seen on TV" at the bottom. What is going on?


Update: still not receiving any notifications at all. I want to give the app 5 stars but I dont get any msgs at all. I love this app! I loved it even more when it was working. I dont receive any notifications since the latest update. I miss getting my random notifications that seemed to come right on time! Ill be patient though; Im sure you guys are working on it.

Great app but not receiving notifications

I have everything set to get notifications on the app and on my IPhone but still havent been getting alerts. And its been this way for like a month I really wish it worked.

If only notifications worked

I would love the app if the notifications work. If I wasnt following the maker I would never know the messages. Please FIX


would love to give it 5 stars, but the app isnt really working right. I used to receive notifications & bc they were so random they always seemed to come when I NEEDED them the most, unfortunately here lately (past month or so), Ive actually had to go into the app every few days to see what the messages were.

Its okay.

I really like the app but I thought it was more so an inspirational app but there has been a few times where the notification quotes were kind of negative. I want to see more uplifting quotes.


It isnt giving me notifications! Please fix it!! Its been like this for months now

A bit negative lately

I loved the alerts at first, but lately they have been negative in tone or focused on promotion only. Please also be careful on the backgrounds you choose. I remember one had a marijuana leaf featured in the background, and another one had a sign that said "Your Ex Here" pointing to a trash can. I miss when this app was uplifting. :(

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