Sprinkle of Jesus App Reviews

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Idk how to work the app. And I'm not getting my quotes or notifications plz plz help!!!

I'm not getting any notifications?!? Someone please help!!!

This app told me "stop claiming to be a virgin while exhibiting hoe tendencies" I was appalled, I thought this was a Godly application

It's not giving me daily notifications, please fix! (If someone knows how to fix this, plz let me know asap thx)

so far since i've been using the app. i really love it! the notifications i received are so , on point! its like the situation im going through the quote would relate and its very interesting . at first i was like isnt it kind of odd that they're so relatable at the exact moment... but then i thought , these may be real messages from our lord and savior

I haven't been able to enjoy the app at its full potential. For some reason, I don't receive any notifications.

App Issue

Downloaded fine, got to choose the notifications that I prefer fine, but after that I get an dark screen thats been since Ive downloaded the app, and Ive even tried re-downloading the app. Still receiving the same screen! Please fix.

Fix app

Application isnt giving me my daily notifications! Please fix! I love this app but cant give it a good review right now, due to not getting daily notifications! Help!!

I just downloaded this app & It wont upload

App not working!

Please fix this app!!! I can get notifications on my iPhone but app doesnt load at all!

Faulty loading of app

Great app but as someone else mentioned under reviews, Im able to receive daily notifications but the app will not launch. It loads till 89% and then just stays there literally.. Please fix this. Its a great app :)


Downloaded with no problem. Keep getting a black screen whenever the app is opened tho. Please fix this.

Alert issue

Love this app! But all of sudden the alert is acting weird if I click on it, it takes me to the app like before but then it just shows as confirm. Also can the videos be updated or new ones added!


Having a hard time loading app I get the daily messages but when I click into the app it never launches. Please fix!

The blog

The blog part of the app is really hard to navigate. I cant read what I want to read as it doesnt move sideways


One of the realist apps out here.


no notifications please fix this


Love the app but my notifications stopped popping up. I removed that app and reinstalled it. Still no notifications!


I can not get the pop up notifications of the positive messages. Please advise

Pop ups

How do I receive pop ups on my phone from this app?

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